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With over thirty years of Land Speed Racing experience, everyone who has raced with Mike Manghelli (aka Mang) has enjoyed a cocktail at the end of the day to salute the successes or failures the Racing Gods have doled out.  Join us in our pursuit of LSR racing by checking out our website.

2016 Season Opener

By: Mike Manghelli

El Mirage – May 2016  Coming Home to Roost, Divine Intervention

El Mirage Dry Lake May 13, 2016 a day like all others in the high desert… Windy and dusty! The day got off to an earlier than normal start heading to El Mirage for the season opener, which is good since there was lots to do.  It all started by setting up the WGB pits, with plenty of room for the WGB truck, the Waters, Manghelli, Romero Roadster, Wayne Yeats’ tank, and an old car coming back home, the once upon a time Manchen, Kennedy, Manghelli Alfa Romero. During the setup it was so windy that my favorite VW hat blew off my head and disappeared across the desert, more to come later about that. With this many vehicles and many old and new friends planning on coming, it is going to be a great weekend of racing and comradery. Read More