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2014 Season

El Mirage – Nov 2014   Cupcake make the grade!



El Mirage – Oct 2014   WGB Team works on communications for the SCTA


El Mirage – July 2014   Mother Nature Working Overtime
By Mike Manghelli

The team was ready to roll into the July El Mirage meet with the WGB truck and the roadster was still in work finishing up the modifications that we wanted to complete over the winter. Last month we found out that an engine swap for the truck was not going to happen and we needed a plan B. Plan B was going to be a new engine combination that we have not run in the truck. By July we had formulated the plan, but since the new engine combination was not ready we decided to run the VR6 motor again in the F/BMMP class.



El Mirage June 2014 - June Gloom
By: Mike Manghelli

After a disappointing May outing with both cars, the team decided to regroup and look to the future. With the last of the parts arriving for the roadster just before the May meet, it was decided to start the final build process and prepare for Speedweek instead of running the June and July meets. This seemed like a good ideas since it took so long during the winter to complete the rebuild. Final word came down just before the meet that the engine promised for the truck was not coming at all, so it was decided to take one last pass this year with the VR6 motor and start on plan B for July and Speedweek.  No one is really sure what plan B is for the truck, but we do know what the plan is for the roadster… one out of two isn’t bad…
The truck was still set up from the May meet so hopes were high that a record run could be made. It pulled away from the truck well, but we heard a second-rate speed of 170 mph on the CB radio. Not that 170 mph is not fast, but that compared to our record of 182 mph it does not make the cut. In May the boost was turned up for the second pass and that is where we thought our June baseline was at. Unfortunately, the changes did not get saved in the ECU, so she ran with the same boost levels and speed as before. With the wind starting to come up, it was beginning to look like a May blowout all over again, we decided not to run the truck again and started cleaning up. As it turned out for the competitors, the wind was sporadic enough that two rounds of racing were able to be completed before the meet was ended. Even though we did not set a record with the truck, we made a good pass and the engine is still good for another run if we want.


El Mirage May 2014 - Mother Nature is in Control
by Mike Manghelli

After a long winter of work, the White Goose Bar team was ready for El Mirage in more ways than one. The Waters, Manghelli, Romero roadster was cleaned up and had been to the Century of Speed show in Pomona.

We thought it needed a quick checkout and it would be ready to run at El Mirage. Unfortunately, that was not the case and we wound up completely going through the engine and transmission.  With delays for parts it seemed like the rebuild went on forever and some of the upgrade items did not come in with enough time to get them installed. Just to make sure everything was good, we took it to the dyno at AEM for break in. We were just getting started on the break in, when an inspection showed the timing belt trying to escape the front cover. We stopped in time before any damage could occur, but not being able to check the tune up would prove to be an issue later. Fortunately, the fix was quick for the timing belt and the reassembly was finished the weekend before the May El Mirage meet.  In the meantime, the WGB truck had been waiting on promises of a new motor combination for a class change. After waiting until the last minute, the motor did not show, so some changes were made to the VR6 that ran last year to ensure the serpentine belt stayed on. At this time the jury is still out on changing classes for this year, guess we will have to stay tuned. Even though we did not race for 5 months, it seemed like every weekend was filled with the Century of Speed show and race prep on the cars. That must be why our motto is: White Goose Bar, where LSR is a lifestyle, not a bucket list item…
We started the May meet with the roadster off the dyno, but still needing breaking in. Since there had been few changes since the last run, we were expecting to better our 207 mph pass from last year. Greg was tasked with the driving this meet and was looking good in his new DJ Safety fire suit. The car seemed to pull off the push truck well, but ran a disappointing 183 mph.  Back in the pits a look at the data revealed we had out tricked ourselves when the car was on the dyno. We removed a spring from the waste gate to soften the initial hit when leaving push truck, but never got a chance to tune in that area of the waste gate program. As it turned out, the boost was low for the complete pass, which explained the disappointing run. The fix was easy and the roadster was readied for another run.
Because the long waited for engine swap for the truck never came to fruition we decided to run the VR6 motor again. After having nothing but problems with the serpentine belt drive last year, some changes were made to the belt system. Keith went out with a soft tune to test the belt and ran 170 mph.  An inspection of the belt system in the pits showed no issues and the boost was turned up for another pass.