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With over thirty years of Land Speed Racing experience, everyone who has raced with Mike Manghelli (aka Mang) has enjoyed a cocktail at the end of the day to salute the successes or failures the Racing Gods have doled out. 

At one time Mike Manghelli was the purveyor of "Sidewinder" beer. It was a lively micro brew that was private labeled for the Sidewinders Racing Club. Besides being tasty, its main purpose was to poke fun at the Gear Grinders. Those with a softer pallet, who might enjoy say - Coors Lite, thought it too harsh a brew and sought to reduce their quantities by giving it away. This tradition of giving away beer came to be known as getting "Sidewinder Beer". Since then, ANY free beer is known as "Sidewinder Beer." Sidewinder Beer was often found in Mang's pit, which everyone enjoyed.

In July of 2003, Mike replaced his old 30' "brown and white box" car trailer with an impressive 40' Competitive white gooseneck racecar trailer.  On its maiden voyage to Bonneville, it was decided that the tradition of daily libations, (typically found at World Finals) would be a welcome addition to Speed Week.  Nowadays, everyone that ventures by the Manghelli pit area enjoys the plentiful drinks and conversation.

As Mike has always been part of the setup of the courses at Bonneville (and El Mirage), Mike arrives at Bonneville several days prior to an event.  Consequently, Mike places his trailer, the "White Goose" directly across the intersection of pit row and impound, making it somewhat easy to find.  During the long hot days of setting up the racing course and associated communication equipment, people came to know that Mike could be found at the trailer early in the morning or late into the evening.  Consequently, when the Bonneville workers completed a hot day, they were thirsty for a cold adult beverage.  When people discussed where they were going to meet up to talk about the day's happenings and tell racing stories, they always said to meet at the distinctive "White Goose" and we will "discuss it over a drink".  Mike started adding some distinction of his own to the Manghelli Pit with "party lights", pink flamingos and other attractions.  At the closing of each race day, the bar gets low on rations. Mike Waters started noticing this, and began the time honored tradition of donating to the bar (by throwing a $20 bill on the pickup truck tailgate - now the "donation bowl") to help get things restocked.

Previously the "bar" was simply known as "Mang's Bar".  In 2005, Mike renamed it to the "White Goose Bar". The White Goose is fully supported by donations. "Mang's White Goose Bar" is non-profit with all donations going back into stocking the bar.

In 2006 Mike was looking for a new entry name for his #2111 VW Truck and decided that the truck's trailer was the "White Goose Bar" so the truck's entry name should be "White Goose Bar Racing".   White Goose Bar Racing was born.  Then one evening during Bonneville's 2006 Speedweek and after a few adult beverages, Mike pulled out 25 cents from the bar's donation bowl and gave it to the #369 Ford Roaster's Mike Waters and 25 cents  to #788 Nebulous Theorem III's Rick Yacoucci and told them that the "White Goose Bar" was now sponsoring their vehicles too.  To continue the fun, these teams started adding on their entry form "White Goose Bar" as one of their sponsors.  The fun continues to perpetuate and in 2008 stickers were made and added to the vehicles showing the "official" White Goose Bar sponsorship.  John Romero's #529 Honda Civic was also "sponsored". Today, the White Goose Bar racing team has over 12 sponsors and we have added a line of fun clothing (t-shirts, polos shirts, and hats) with our newest addition of Dickie Jackets this year. If you would like to purchase any of our team logo clothing, please contact Mike or Keith here.

Thus, White Goose Bar Racing was made from a bunch of good racing buddies having a good time and having fun together.  Come by and visit us at the next event.  And stay long enough for a drink too.  


White Goose Bar Teammates


Besides #2111 VW Truck and the #369 Ford Roadster, and the #788 Nebulous Theorem III, you can sometimes find John Romero's #529 Bonneville and we hope to see it at El Mirage too.  Even when John's car is not at an event, John can be found in the WGBR pit working on AEM electronics and air filters, the electronic heart of the WGBR vehicles.